Wild Mushroom Foraging Tours



Welcome to Pop-Up Wild Mushroom Tours!

PLEASE NOTE: All tours are weather dependent. NO rain = NO tours. Also, we are unable to guarantee any specific day in advance. These are truly pop-up tours and we will let you know 2-5 days in advance when we have tours available.

Personalized Tours
Our goal is to provide a personal experience where you can learn about foraging for wild mushrooms. Throughout the tour we familiarize you with mushroom lingo. Your knowledgeable guide will help you learn how to safely identify wild edible, poisonous and deadly mushrooms. Your guide is a passionate mushroom forager and is Wild Foraging Certified in PA.

Each season has different mushrooms that are fruiting. All mushrooms are dependent on weather. We schedule tours when you will have the best chance of finding edible varieties. Some tours will result in hauls of edible varieties and others will yield many mushrooms and other plants, but nothing for the dinner pot. We are in talks with nature to work with us, but so far, we haven’t made any headway.

Foraging tours are only offered in the spring, summer and fall. We will contact you to set up a date to schedule your tour. We primarily do tours during the week so ensure the peak number of species.

Scheduling a Tour
We do not pre-sell tours. Each time the weather is right we will send out an email/text to everyone on our interested list. If the time works with your schedule let us know and we will schedule the tour with you. All tours are on a first come first come first serve basis.

TO SIGN-UP that you are interested in a mushroom foraging tour, please feel out this short survey. We will email/text you as soon as we have dates available. Here is the link to the SURVEY.

We are happy to work with a wide range of experience levels and ages. We are even happy to do a tour on your property and help you identify what is on your land.

We are mushroom farmers who sell our mushrooms at farmers markets on the weekends meaning we have limited availability to do weekend tours. Also, many parks have been picked heavily of mushrooms by the weekend. A midweek forage is much more likely to result in a variety of mushrooms.

Individual Tour $100
Couple Tour $175
Family Tour of up to 6 people $250


What time do you do the tours?
Most excursions leave in the morning and can start as early as 6am on really hot days to beat the heat. We work with everyone that attends to be sure that the start time works with their schedule.

What should I bring?
We recommend our fellow mushroom hunters bring a backpack with snacks and drinks. Please wear sturdy footwear and rain gear if it is wet. Please bring a knife (it doesn’t need to be sharp-even plastic works for most mushrooms). We provide paper bags.

Can I take pictures?
You can bring your phone for pictures, but there may be poor reception in some foraging areas, so plan on sending out posts later in the day.

Where do we forage?
We pick a location as close as possible to where you live. It can be a park, farm, or private property (with permission always). We can even do a guided tour on your property. We only forage in PA and within about 1 to 1.5 hours away from Philadelphia.

How far will I need to travel?
We try to pick a location that is within an hour of your home. Sometimes it will be closer and sometimes further away. It will never be more than 2 hours away. We average 45 minutes away from your home. Guests need to provide their own transportation.

How much does it cost?
It is $100 for an individual, $175 for a couple and $250 for a family of up to 6 people.

What mushrooms will I see?
You will see a variety of fungi. Over the course of the tour you will learn to spot many different types of fungi. The type of mushroom you will see depends on the season. Morels are only in the spring, Chanterelles are in the summer, and Chicken of the Woods and Maitake are usually in the Fall. Various other edible and non-edible mushrooms change with the seasons.

Will I find something to eat?
We try our best to take you to locations that have edible mushrooms, but many factors are involved and we cannot guarantee you will find edible mushrooms. We do promise you will find mushrooms.