Balsamic Vinegar Lion’s Mane Recipe

As with so many things in life, quality really matters. Just compare a heritage apple that is juicy and so sweet to a tasteless mass-produced apple. Balsamic vinegar is one of those items that a bargain turns out to be slightly dark water with a faint flavor. What you want is a nice rich and pungent Balsamic vinegar that makes you sit up and take notice. I recommend that you find a brand that you love that has all of those smokey and decadent notes that make any dish shine. This recipe will work with any balsamic vinegar, but it will taste better with a nice one. The nicer the balsamic the less you need to use and the better the recipe tastes.

This recipe uses Lion’s Mane mushrooms. These cauliflower lookalikes are native in much of the east coast and are quite a treat. They have a soft crab or lobster like texture that is great for frying. Some people even say they have a slightly seafood flavor, but I just can’t taste it myself. They love to absorb the flavors of anything that you cook them in and handle high heats well. They are a bit magical to cook as you see them turning from snowy white to brown.

Give these a try as a main course. They pair well with vegetables as a side. Or be experimental and use them on a sandwich, hamburger, or use the smaller pieces as a nice addition to a salad.


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