Best Bacon Pink Oyster Recipe

Pink oysters are not only a beautiful mushroom, but also delicious. Theses flower shaped mushroom range in color from deep pink to pale pink. They come in two varieties with one tasting like seafood and the other like bacon. When my partner asked which one we should grow, my answer was a resounding “BACON.”

This mushroom does have downside to it as well. Like all beautiful flowers it blooms spectacularly and then fades quickly. The pink oysters only have a three-day shelf-life. We try to make sure they fruit the day when we sell them. Of course, some weeks they decide to fruit early or late and we have no pinks for sale.


Store these in the fridge in a paper bag and they will last for 3 days from when they were picked. When they start to darken in color and smell like a flower/peony they need to be cooked that day. They last 3-4 days in the fridge after being cooked. If you are not able to cook them before 3 days, please compost them and the paper bag.



Like all of our mushrooms, we never use any chemicals or pesticides on our mushrooms, so you don’t need to wash them. If there is any material on them you can just brush it off. To prepare, peel of cut them off the stem, similar to what you would do with flower petals. The hard white part in the center can be composted or discarded. Use the pink section and the soft white part that is attached.

Picture By Michael O'Neil 


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