Best Beef and Mushroom Stroganoff (Vegan and Vegetarian options)

I just love autumn with its cooler weather and brisk breezes. While I mourn the loss of sundresses, I do love to get out the fleeces. I am craving good filling food that I can enjoy. I got home from work on Saturday and still had the energy to put together this easy, whole food meal.

A lot of people want to make this with the meat and that is perfectly fine. I don’t suggest you use anything other than premium quality mushrooms to ensure that you have a rich meaty flavor. I used oyster mushrooms with this recipe, but it would be phenomenal with mixed exotic mushrooms. I would make it with maitake and think it would really make for a delicious and rich sauce. It is easy to use vegan sour cream or even vegan yogurt that is even easier to find. A low sodium vegetable broth would be the best substitute for beef broth.

I will admit to having defrosted the wrong meat. I know that proper bloggers make a recipe 30 times and take 1000 pictures with great lighting. I make something a few times and occasionally forget what I did so I have to redo it! Well, just my luck but I took out the stew meat and not the steak like I had planned. I did not want chewy meat for this recipe so I went to a standby that works wonders. It is called velveting and it is super easy to do. I just put the meat in a bowl with the baking soda while I prepared and cooked the rest of the ingredients (see this website for full details). A quick rinse and no one could tell it wasn’t the choicest meat money could buy. I even have some leftovers and was able to use it for Mexican pizza the next night.


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