Delicious Oyster Mushroom Pot Pie

There is something so satisfying about sitting down to a hot slice or dish of pot pie. The steam wafting up and carrying the mouthwatering aromas are sure to bring my whole family to the table. It doesn’t matter if you are vegan, vegetarian, or a meat eater, this recipes' warm familiar flavors will please everyone.

As a busy working mom of three, time is at a premium. Once I found refrigerated puffed pastry that is vegan and soy free, I was sold. No need to spend time making a crust. Simply cut out the puff pastry and bake. No more prepping or rolling out crust on a busy night. Cooking up the mushrooms and the filling takes 20 minutes or less and then bake for only 25 minutes.

I get asked if mushrooms really make a good substitute for the classic chicken. I challenge you to try this and not find it as good as or even better than the original. The oyster mushrooms are thick and have a meaty texture. Frying them up first helps to create an umami flavor and give them the perfect texture. Is there such a thing as too much sauce? I don’t think so. This recipe’s sauce is very rich and creamy. Add in crisp puffed pastry and this is a dish you will make again and again.

I made one medium pie that was gobble up so quickly I couldn’t even get a picture. The smaller ramekins or dishes were very popular for lunches later in the week. I just heated them in the microwave for 1 minute and then crisped them up in the toaster oven. No one complained that we were having leftovers, which I consider a win.

Feel free to use a pie plate, casserole dish, ramekin, or whatever you have. Just be sure it has steep sides so the mushrooms and sauce don’t overflow.


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