Easy Oven Roasted Oyster Mushrooms and Potatoes Recipe

Need an easy one pan dish so that you can focus on mom this week? Or just want to cut down your mealtime to make room for more me time? As the title states this is a super easy low messy side that complements any meal. It took me about 15 minutes to make this recipe prior to popping it in the oven and making the rest of the meal. I loved how simple and yet how delicious it was.

You can cut and soak the potatoes in advance. I put them in before prepping the rest of my meal and they had a 20 minute soak time and came out very low in starch and super soft. I prefer a nice golden potato, but red works just as well. It also saves you needing to peel.

You don’t even need to grease the pan and cleanup was a breeze. I will mention that I used sweet onions as they are my absolute favorite. Either kind works well and it just comes down to what your family prefers. Enjoy.


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  • It was delish! Thank you for the recipe.


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