Grilled Oyster and Exotic Mushrooms

Getting the grill out this weekend? What to try something different and delicious? Try our grilled mushroom. They can be used to make a sandwich, top a burger/ steaks or used as a delicious side. Perfects for parties or just for you and the family to enjoy.

To Oil or Not to Oil

I did a test to see what would happen if I used oil or no oil on my mushrooms while grilling. No oil you exclaim in horror. Yes, I had a very nice customer who said they are far superior without oil. As my customers are usually correct and I really value their feedback, I was determined to give it a try. I found that oil on mushrooms as they cook doesn’t change the cook time, but it does make for a slightly softer mushroom. I did try a few taste tests, but besides that texture difference, I didn’t really notice a huge difference in flavor. This, of course, may be because I added oil and salt to the dry mushrooms after they had cooked.


Medium heat is best. Really high heat tends to burn the mushrooms before they cook. Really low heat and they tend to take forever to cook and you need to eat them at your next meal and not your current meal. They need a medium heat to make sure the mushrooms are fully cooked and still juicy.


Mushrooms on the grill need time. Think 10- to 15 minutes for nice thick mushrooms. Super thick ones need 15-20 minutes. Thin mushrooms like pink oysters may be fully cooked in 7-12 minutes. I had one customer say that he cooked his mushrooms in 3 minutes. I have no idea how he did that! If you are planning on using foil on the grill, with either chopped or whole mushrooms, you will need 20-25 minutes. A fully cooked mushroom will be limp and soft.


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