Instant Pot Oyster Mushroom, Chicken, and Rice Recipe

I am like a lot of people and assume that maybe summer will be a change in my normal schedule and a chance to slow down. Reality then slams into place and my careful almost under control schedule dissolves into chaos. This week my children have had an activity which has changed everything from dinnertime to wake up time by a good two hours. I find that I am struggling to figure out when I should do things and just needed to find something easy to throw together to feed everyone.

Totally honest, I started this at 2pm and we ate dinner at 3pm. It was just a sign of how discombobulated our schedule was that no one complained at the really early dinner and they devoured the large portions that I gave everyone. I finally got a picture of the meal after eating two bowls full. Normally I take pictures first, but this time I was just grateful that there was any left to photograph. What you see is all that was left from 5 people devouring this meal. I would note that I only used 4 thighs as that was all I had. I also used bone-in thighs and they worked really well. I made sure to check the temperature, but even with the 12 minute cook time they reached the fully cooked temperature of 165° F/78° C.

Fresh oyster mushrooms are delicious in this recipe, but an exotic mix would also work well. I haven’t tried it yet, but I bet Piopinnos would be amazing. Try to branch out and use something other than the button mushrooms that you get in the grocery store. I left the mushroom piece quite large. Feel free to mince or slice them if you are trying to hide some extra veggies from your family.

If you are using low sodium chicken broth like I do feel free to adjust the salt to your personal preference. I only used 1 tsp for the dish and needed to individually use a small sprinkle of salt for each bowl. I changed the recipe to 2 tsp to ensure that it is salty enough. I personally love to use low sodium chicken broth and make mine with no salt at all so that I can pick my level and not have the over-salted flavors that some company has decided is enough. If you choose to use normal chicken broth, lower your salt usage.

I added in a little fried garlic scapes and some fresh peas after taking it out of the Instant Pot. Feel free to use any seasonal veggie. This recipe came together in 20 minutes and was on the table in 30 minutes or less. Please enjoy.


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