Oyster Mushroom and Egg Croissant

When you live with someone for a long time you start to think alike. My husband just asked why we don’t do a breakfast recipe as a lot of people use our mushrooms with eggs. I looked at him and said, “Like the egg recipe I am doing this week?” He grinned at me and said, “Yes, I have the best ideas!” and walked off. While our sense of humor may be unique, he still makes me smile every day. 

Want to pamper yourself in the morning without slaving over a hot stove? Trying to feed a vegan, vegetarian, and meat eater?  Don’t know how to manage to make everyone happy? This recipe is a winner. Whatever option you choose, the crispy mushrooms and creamy avocado bring it all together in about 10 minutes.

Croissants-I love croissants; the butterier the better. However, my husband is vegan and very much a carb addict and he didn’t want to give up croissants. We have found that you can find very credible dairy free croissants if you look. I would note that they often have soy in them and if you are allergic to it pay special attention. We tend to buy a package and have yummy breakfast sandwiches. My preference is to get some fresh ones from a local bakery, but be sure to use them quickly as they don’t last. Any leftover croissants are made into baked French toast the next day. Waste not want not. 

Real Eggs Versus Fake Eggs-Some of the vegan foods taste close enough to their original food that you can’t tell the difference and everyone loves them. Fake eggs aren’t one of those items. They aren’t bad, but when you first try them there is a definite vegetable flavor and not so much of the egg. Over time it does taste better, but for this recipe, be sure to use regular eggs for most people. This is a total side-note, but has anyone else noticed that Just Eggs has a really short shelf life?

Cheese -I used a pepper jack cheese for the vegan option and some nice cheddar for mine. Use whatever is your favorite.

Enjoy this with alone to indulge or as an easy family breakfast.


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