Oyster Mushroom Penne Lasagna Stew Instant Pot Recipe (Vegetarian)

Do you ever have kitchen failures? How about that recipe that is a total success. This one recipe is a combination of the two. I tried an Instant Pot recipe for lasagna and it turned out nothing like what the recipe promised, but it was absolutely delicious. The major issue was that the ricotta mixture was supposed to stay in between the noodles and not mix with the sauce. Let me tell you that the sauces mixed and it was amazingly good! The ricotta adds a rich flavor and yet it isn’t fully mixed so it just tastes like it shouldn’t work and be this easy but it is. Everyone asked for seconds and wondered when we would be having it again. I tweaked the recipe and it is super easy to make and tastes great.

Vegetarian or Not?

I know I said this was vegetarian and there is meat in the recipe. I made it with and without me and it tasted wonderful both ways. Just leave the meat out if you want a vegetarian version. You can use hamburger or Italian sausage to satisfy the meat lovers. If you want, you can cook the meat on the side and add it to the dish after cooking so that everyone can enjoy it.

Italian Oysters

I used Italian oyster mushrooms for this dish. These beautiful brown oysters have the perfect texture for Italian dishes and are so easy to use. Of course, you can use any oyster mushroom, but these are my favorite for lasagna. Just cut off the very bottom and brush off any substrate. Then a quick chop and they are ready to go.


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