Oyster Mushroom Vegan Fried Chicken

I love fried chicken. I also love mushrooms. Is there a way to have mushrooms that taste like fried chicken? Yes, there is. We have the best chicken mushrooms. Please note that there is a mushroom called Chicken of the Woods and it is almost exactly like chicken in texture. It is only available from wild foraging and not everyone can get it. This recipe uses readily available white oyster mushrooms that work very well and are extremely satisfying.

Marinating is the key

How do you turn delicious fried mushrooms into vegan friendly fried chicken? The answer is easy. You need to use a marinade to soak the mushroom in. This not only imparts more flavor it also makes for a more chicken like texture. This marinade is simple and just requires buttermilk or plant milk and lemon juice. Add in your favorite spices and a little salt and you are ready.

Native PA White Oysters

The best mushrooms for this are White Oysters. They have the meatiest texture of any oyster and they are amazing in this recipe. My preference is the medium ones that strike a balance of the perfect firmness and texture.

Deep Fry or Air-Fry?

I think either works in this recipe. The deep-fried mushrooms took less time and had a crispier coating. The air-fried “chicken” had a slightly firmer coating, but both are very good. Just make sure to put oil on at the beginning and maybe once as you cook in the air-fryer to be sure you get a nice golden finish.


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