Oyster Mushrooms and Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard has been gracing our table this last week. We literally got some of the most amazing big and healthy leaves that I have ever seen. Honestly, it is a bit of a challenge to get my family to enjoy this treat. I keep trying to introduce it in a way that will encourage everyone to eat it. Keep in mind this includes my husband. He wants to like it and works at eating it, but it isn’t a go to for him.

I think I may have found a way that is a winner though. It was so easy and didn’t take up much time. It is well worthwhile to eat this amazing vegetable in the summer and enjoy all of its rich vitamins and minerals.

To stem or not to stem?

I was surprised to find some recipes didn’t use the stem at all. I personally like to use the whole leaf including the stem. I think the mix of textures is very satisfying. You can cut off the leaf and roll in and then chop it to make long ribbons of chard. I take a more laid back approach. I tend to do a rough chop to get the leaf off, but I don’t worry if a little is left over. Then I fold or roll the leaves and cut into ribbons and then cut the ribbons into pieces. Getting my kids to eat some vegetables is hard enough without making them very large so I try to avoid big pieces. Use either ribbons or pieces depending on your preference. Both of these options work well.


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