Oyster Mushrooms and Tomatillos Burritos (Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free)

Broiling or roasting vegetables is a simple and easy way to add some delicious flavor. I have seen some people do it on the burner and flip it around to get an even char on each side. This is great for people with good reflexes, but not really for me. My veggies all end up really charred! I find that broiling is easier and packs a flavor punch as well. I am also a lot less likely to burn “cough” char the food until it is an unrecognizable lump of black.

This recipe can also be made by baking both the mushrooms and vegetables on separate trays until browned. You do need to add a little oil to the mushroom tray if cooking this way. It just takes about 30 minutes for the mushrooms and vegetables to cook at 350°F.

This meal is bursting with fresh produce. If you need to do something with all of your fresh tomatoes, this is the dish. The more tomatoes the sweeter the dish. You can add in more tomatillos to make for a slightly sourer dish. Add in some squash or even some peppers or whatever you have from the garden or your local farmer.

This works perfect for a nice hardy burrito or even as a dip. While you can use vegan cheese and cream cheese it works well with dairy cheese as well.


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