Quick and Easy Oyster Mushroom, Spinach and Hummus Dip (Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Appetizer)

Heat waves are impacting most of Europe and we are getting to the high 90s in my area. Cooking a long time in front of a hot stove is out and turning the oven is not even an option. I wanted something that was good and filling without a lot of work. Fortunately, one of my local farmers market vendors had me covered and I got some hummus with spinach. I wanted to add a little bit more to it and of course I chose some mushrooms. It turned out really well and took less than 10 minute to chop and cook. The kitchen never became hot and yet I had a perfect appetizer or easy side dish.

A lot of people are bravely planning events even given the heat and this dip is sure to impress without taking your time away from keeping everyone cool.

Which hummus should you use? The hummus I used was spinach hummus and was from Wakims Foods. This line of hummus is made by Master chef George Wakim who has been crafting award winning small-batch hummus for over 30 years in Historic Bristol, PA. All of his delicious 10 flavors are 100% natural and zero preservatives. I was able to purchase it From Noah’s Dove Farm at Yardley Farmers Market.

If you can find a local artisan or you make your own that is best, but you can also just use your favorite brand from the grocery store. I just placed my mushrooms on top of the container, but feel free to put the hummus in a nice bowl and cover it with the savory mushrooms. It is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Totally honest here. I ate most of this myself. I was meaning to have it as a side for dinner, but one bite led to another and soon the kids were complaining there wasn't enough for them. So, even though it is meant as an appetizer you can use it as a main dish on a hot day. Please enjoy,


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