Rich Oyster Mushrooms, Fresh Vegtables, and Buttered Noodles

I am going to shock many of you by saying that I never had buttered noodles until I was in my mid-twenties! When my husband asked for them one evening, I was confused. He had to explain the concept to me. No spaghetti sauce? No alfredo sauce? However, he said the magical word-butter. I was quickly sold and love how many different variations of this dish you can make of this dish.

Easy. Let me tell you how easy this dish is. It literally takes 20 minutes from start to finish and that includes boiling the water and cooking all of the vegetables. You will be done so quickly you might decide to make a dessert or finish that book that has been calling to you from the side table. It is really that easy.

What Vegetables Should You Use? Any vegetable that can be cooked works well. I have used broccoli, bok choy, tomatoes, spinach and many more. I chose to use peas this time and I had some fresh from the farmer’s market. I know these recipes are supposed to be about mushrooms as I am a mushroom farmer, but really fresh peas deserve a mention all their own. They are sweet and so yummy. My kids eat them raw as a snack and were almost angry that I was taking their peas until they tasted them cooked. Yes, you can use canned or frozen vegetables, but use fresh if you can.

Mushrooms.Native PA White Oyster mushrooms were perfect for this dish. Their thick and meaty texture is extremely satisfying to eat in pasta dishes that are vegetarian. It gives that mouth feel of meat without adding any. You can use other oysters and chestnuts would also work well.


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